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Christmas Tree Decoration

EUR 20.00

Have your baby's first shoes bronzed and hang it on your Christmas tree each year.

Great family keepsake! Great Christmas present for Grandma and Grandpa too! This is a special way to enjoy and display your child's precious memories from year to year. Baby keepsake Christmas tree ornaments are nothing new but hanging the actual preserved baby shoes a child wore is!

This is a whole new way of displaying and appreciating the bronzed baby shoes and sharing your precious memories with friends and family.

First steps are cherished memories and seeing just how big those little feet grow from year to year is a great conversation piece.

Great personalised Christmas gift for grand parents and other family members.

Small beaded message can be added for example name of child or "My First Christmas".

Price is per shoe. For a pair please order 2.


What colour ribbon would you like? Blue, red, green or pink. 20 letters allowed for any beaded message you may like.

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